Friday, 18 January 2008


It's taken a while, getting round to writing this first post. I know from reading many of your first posts that the concept is initially a little strange, this writing about yourself business...but my sister is so good at it that I have been inspired. Plus, as she reminded me, I do have quite interesting things to talk about, as I love travel.

Since being young I have always been fascinated by faraway places, either reading about them (love travel guide books) or watching them on TV (Judith Chalmers on Wish You Were Here was a favourite!). We moved a lot as a family as well, most notably to the French Pyrenees in 1985 for a few years, so new cultures and experiences seemed the norm. The 'Travel Bug' was then firmly planted in 1997 when I went to stay with my brother who lived in New York. When I returned a year later I decided that a career in travel seemed the only option to continuously feed the passion!

So, this is the aim, to pass the passion on. The World is so huge and so full of wonders that it needs to be shared, as we'll never get to personally see it all, however much we'd like to!

I will do this by keeping you updated with things of note - my own travels and discoveries, those of my clients and those of others I come across.

So that you know 'where I'm coming from' I'm 28, married to Nath, who's 35 and love all types of journeys, from a quick city break to a laze on a tropical beach. I'm so geeky when it comes to travel that I score the airports I travel through, the airlines I fly on and of course the hotels I stay in. I'm a bit of snob when it comes to my accommodation (I like nice digs), I really love great restaurants and I value good service.

I hope you enjoy my journeys as much as I do, I hope that you share your thoughts with me.

I'll start this weekend, as I'm taking a trip to the Isle of Wight. Often overlooked, this island off the South coast of England provides a real nostalgic feel for old seaside Britain, with Victorian buildings, esplanades and beach huts aplenty. In the winter, off season, it feels deliciously empty, windswept and romantic....I'm no photographer but I do hope to have some pictures for you to prove that point.

Travel is a bug people, I pray you catch it....

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Jodie said...

Wahoo!! Fantastic. I am proud to leave the very first comment. Now it's just discipline to keep it up!